The Soule of Heaven

Pavans and Almaines by Alfonso Ferrabosco the Younger feat. Sofie Vanden Eynde, Laute

On the border between the Renaissance and the Baroque, Ferrabosco created an inner world full of noble thoughts and tranquil emotions with his consort music. Autumn warmth, far away from the tangible world. Sad and comforting, dark and healing. The old nostalgia for what people are constantly eluding - Ferrabosco knew exactly that like no other. No wonder Ferrabosco's close friend and poet Ben Johnson described his music as "The Soule of Heaven".

Ferrabosco, like his father Ferrabosco the Elder, worked in the service of the English court and enjoyed the personal appreciation of both James I and Charles I. Ferrabosco originally wrote for gamba consort, but his ties with the very best flute players of the court were strong, and the gentlemen liked to share their musical discoveries with each other. Ferrabosco’s flawless counterpoint, therefore, sounds clear as glass in recorder consort.

Ferrabosco: Pavan 4

The recorder players of B-Five further deepen their love for English consort music with this programme. They capture this rarely heard music in agile ensemble play and organic sounds and let Ferrabosco's pavanes and allemandes dance at the intersection between frivolous hunger for life and thoughtful resignation. Lute player Sofie Vanden Eynde draws a golden rim around this programme with the whispering of her strings.

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