The Fruit of Love

CCD 275
The fruit of love

Elizabethan Consort Music

  • Label: Cavalli-Records (
  • Aufnahme: H. Cavalli
  • Aufgenommen in Bamberg (D) im November 2005




Anonymus: When Daphne from fair Phoebus did fly

Antony Holborne: Pavane Bona Speranza

Christopher Tye: In Nomine Crye

Alle Titel auf der CD

  1. William Byrd (1543 ‑ 1623)
    The leaves be greene
  2. John Dowland (1563 ‑ 1626)
    Suite from Lachrimae, or Seaven Teares (1604)
    Pavane Lachrimae Amantis
    Captaine Digorie Piper his Galiard
    Mistresse Nichols Almand
    M. Giles Hobie’s Galiard
  3. Anonymus (Traditional)
    I love my love in secret
    She rose and let me in
    Winchester Wedding
  4. Christopher Tye (1505 ‑ 1573)
    In Nomine à 4 Amavit
    In Nomine “Trust” *)
    O lux beata trinitas
    In Nomine “Crye”
  5. Jerome Bassano (1558/59 ‑ 1635)
  6. Augustine Bassano (~1526 ‑ 1604)
    Pavana, Galiarda, Coranto
  7. Anonymus - Diminutions Jacob van Eyck (~1590-1657)
    When Daphne from fair Phoebus did fly *)
  8. Antony Holborne (1548 ‑ 1602)
    Suite from Pavans, Gailards, Almains,... (1599)
    Heigh Ho Holiday, Bona Speranza, The Fruit of Love, The Nightwatch
  9. William Byrd (1543 ‑ 1623)
    Prelude and Ground

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The Fruit of Love

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